Shazwan Yoonus
Demo reel 2021

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The Overview

Why a demo reel ?

A demo reel also called a showreel, is a 1-2 minute video commercial designed to sell skills. It shows the best work and the diversity in skills. Selected personal projects that were created for college and client works are included in this video.

Client work includes work I completed for corporate companies from Sri Lanka, Singapour, and the UK. Presented work has been achieved using a range of applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and web-related, HTML, CSS, and JS programs. Wide variety of fields of work being showcased including logo design, illustration, packaging, advertising, printing, web design, motion graphics, photography, and branding.

The Design decitions

crafting the solution


To further have a clearer direction about the visuals of the project, I sketched some wireframes. This helped me to make a good-looking design I am satisfied with.

Once I was happy with the wireframes, I started to create each video comp section in Illustrator. Keeping in mind the target audience would be industrial professionals and employees, therefore, I had to make sure to keep the design clear and interesting.

The final solution

Shazwan Yoonus demo reel 2021

Role in the project

This project has made me explore more into after effects animations and exploring new animations.

●   Motion Design
●   Illustration and Asset Creation
●   Video Editing

softwares used

To create the main design layout & vectors I used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & to animate and create the video After Effects was used.